Friday, June 17, 2011

My Dear RBI Governor,

My dear Subbarao,
I have special respect and regards towards RBI governor as he was from the town in Andhra Pradesh where I was graduated in commerce and built my aspirations towards financial markets . But by his movements I know one thing , that he knows increasing interest rates other than nothing! . He increased interest rates 10th time in a row in last 16 months , since inflation is very high and all the emerging markets were grappling with the same problem. RBI governor is relentlessly working towards tame the inflation . I firmly believe monetary policy which regulates the flow of money in the country lost its control on the economy in the last 10 years because of the excess flow of un accounted money in the country , this unaccounted money flows makes every asset class toinflate and dance! especially real estate which has became integral part of India’s growth corrupted story . RBI completely lost its authority and control on food prices as they do not come under regulatory control & purview of RBI , where pricing mechanism of most of food articles are regulated by local bodies and state governments , even Central government also don’t have required proper control , RBI governor can’t control the price of tomato you pay but try to control the quantity with variations in interest rates.
If we remember Mr Governor in September 2008 when the world was reeling under recession , Lehman brothers collapse and financial crises , in India high inflation excess of 10% YOU reduced interest rates in line with your fellow Central Bankers across the globe , after 36 months for the same inflation problem Your increasing interest rates !!.
You should know a Simple law SIR , nobody in the world eats excess bread 6 times in one day if they have some excess money in their valet.
Simply commercial Banks are fooling you sir , by not lending to priority sector in the required quantum.Rural credit have taken a big hit because of securitization of debt, every bank is buying debt from Micro finance institutions to meet their rural credit targets which is a time bomb kind of debt and will burst balance sheets of banks after some time.
Due to integration of financial markets and globalization of world economies Central banks across the globe just became Money printers .
Inflation targets varies from economy to economy , for example Euro zone which consists of 19 European nations monitored by European Central Bank (ECB) inflation comfort level is 2% as its a low growth trajectory and they can pump more money inline with inflation . Finally the Money Printer ,originator of inflation and author worst monetary policies Mr Ben – Benjamin Bernake Chairman of US Federal Reserve Bank , He knows only one thing Print and Pump Money into the world which is causing global high commodities prices .
RBI don’t have any control on global commodities prices especially crude oil and local food inflated prices. So your team have to do their job as high profile bureaucrats ,one thing they knew raise or decrease rates that’s what they are exercising powers . If this situation prevails for prolonged time it creates dire consequences on middle class which accounts 40% of country’s population ( as per Mc Kinsey global ). Encourage lending towards basic agriculture infrastucture ,food storage and for farming , if you keep on increasing interest rates for every up move of inflation your adding fuel to fire .Please stop debate on super regulator sir , first focus on priority lending and un accounted money flows in the economy to strengthen RBI’s role.

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  1. nice article, however i have a question about the role of world bank in India. How much money does the RBI borrow from the world bank and at what interest? Has our economy ever paid off the loans taken from the world bank or do we remain in perpetual debt and we are controlled by the loans RBI takes?

    As the loans would be paid off by the taxes that are applied to everything including petrol etc.